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Who are SDETs?

SDET – Software Development Engineer in Test

Modern technology has changed our lives in countless ways — revolutionizing how we work, live, and play. Developing such technologies is a tedious and detailed work. Since the scale of projects reach billions of dollars, it’s imperative to test all applications many times. Technologies have existed for a long time now, however, all testings were performed manually. Current IT market requires to be fast and dynamic with application developments. Manual testing either takes too long when performed by one tester or too expensive when many testers are hired. That is where Automation Engineers(SDET) come in! SDETs are technical engineers who have extensive technical skills to write programs which automate that human effort. One SDET can save companies the work of 5-10 manual testers. SDETs automate tests once and these tests can be reused many times. Due to this reason SDETs are in super high demand. 

Technologies you will learn in SDET

Java Programming Language

Java is the king of all programming languages in the IT industry and used by the majority of corporations.


Most popular of its kind. This tool is used to automate web applications. Selenium can automate pretty much anything a user can perform on the web.


Extremely popular tool that makes the software development process more transparent to non-technical team members. The name “cucumber” comes from the author’s wife. She was slicing cucumber when the author asked what he should name his tool.  🙂 

Rest Api

Essential for transferring messages between two apps. Perhaps, RestApi is used in our chat apps like WhatsApp, FB Messenger.  

Junit Framework

No software can be developed without extensive testing. Junit makes the task easy to accomplish. 


Automation of software development process on another level. Tell Jenkins when to perform a certain task and it will do it for you while you are resting.

Application Version Control

Teamwork is the key in software development. Developing a new app can be extremely time consuming. Share tasks with team members and work on the same app in parallel.

Relational DataBase

Save your information in Relational Database systems, so that you can access it after one month, a year, or longer.

Job Oriented Program


Knowing all of the above technologies is the core of SDET specialists’ skills. However, there is no way to get an offer of employment from DREAM companies without having the soft-skills(people’s skills). Career success mainly depends on the level of soft-skills — communication, leadership, ownership, business intelligence etc. In SDET, QA Managers and Leads give lectures on the big picture of the work environment and share their experiences from their career which better prepares DevX students to gain a clear understanding of what to expect from interviews, jobs, and career.

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