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4 Months Dev

Continuos Improvement

Java Spring Software Development

Software development is one of the most in-demand and highest paid jobs in the world. The demand grows much faster on average for software development than it does for other jobs. Java applications are used by most enterprises like Chase, Bank of America, Amazon, and so on. 

In this fast-paced training, the DevX School dev team puts in real project development practices, ranging from front-end to back-end development. DevOps use the best tools and practices to give the full end-to-end picture and experience of software development. Improve your skills to become a Java expert and knock out new challenges with DevX School!

Technologies you will learn in Dev

Advanced Java

Oracle Certified Professional Level Java.       

  • Generics/Lambda
  • Java I/O
  • Sockets
  • Serialization
  • Reflection/Annotation
  • Multi Threading

Spring Framework

Most popular of its kind. Framework is used to develop web applications, RestAPI micro web services. Practiced on real projects which are added to a student’s development portfolio by the successful completion of the course.


Project without DB? You must be kidding. 

Hibernate ORM is an object-relational mapping tool for the Java programming language. It provides a framework for mapping an object-oriented domain model to a relational database.

Rest Api

Learn microservices on Rest API. Build API on the microservice communication. And use the best Rest API model building practices. 


Build development environments according to market standards. 


Automation of software development process on another level. Tell Jenkins when to perform a certain task, it will do it for you while you are resting.


Build a platform for the apps to be in one container so we can transfer apps in containers from env to env.


GitLab is a web-based DevOps lifecycle tool that provides a Git-repository manager providing wiki, issue-tracking, and continuous integration and deployment pipeline features

Job Oriented Program

Soft-Skills - Interview Prep

Knowing all of the above technologies is the core of development specialists’ skills. However, you need to also have soft-skills (people skills) if you want to get an offer of employment from DREAM companies. These soft-skills include communication, leadership, ownership, business intelligence, and more, and will help you be successful in a career. In our Dev course, Software Directors and Leads will share their experiences from their career and talk about what different work environments are like. This will help prepare DevX students to gain a clear understanding of what to expect from interviews, jobs, and career growth.

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