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What You Will Learn About Selenium

Selenium is an automated testing framework that is most commonly used to validate web applications across a variety of different platforms and browsers. This software can automate just about anything that a user can perform on the web. Selenium has a suite of software that caters to a variety of different testing needs of an organization. At DevX School, we offer a coding bootcamp that teaches you Selenium along with a variety of other softwares and programs. Our 6-month SDET course will help you learn the ins and out of Selenium and prepare you for a career as a SDET. Be sure to learn more about this course and contact DevX School today to get started. Read on to learn more about Selenium.

Tools Included in The Selenium Suite:

  • Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • Selenium Remote Control (RC)
  • Selenium WebDriver
  • Selenium Grid

Fun Fact About Selenium

The name Selenium started as a joke that Jason Huggins, the creator of Selenium, made to his team. During the time Selenium was being developed, there was another popular automated testing framework that was created by a company called Mercury Interactive. It is pretty well-known that selenium (the element)  is an antidote for mercury poisoning, so Jason suggested this name as a joke, and it stuck.


About Selenium IDE

Selenium IDE is the simplest framework in the Selenium Suite and is the easiest to learn. Because of this, it should only be used as a prototyping tool. You can export Selenium IDE results in a format that is usable in Selenium RC and WebDriver. One downside to Selenium IDE is that it is online available in Firefox.


Selenium Remote Control

Selenium RC was the first automated web testing tool that allowed users to use their programming language preference. It can support programming languages such as Java, C#, PHP, Python, Perl, and Ruby. While there are more benefits to RC than there are to IDE, there are a few downsides, including a more complicated installation process, a need for programming knowledge, and slower execution time. 


Selenium WebDriver

WebDriver is better than both Selenium IDE and RC in many ways. Unlike Selenium RC, WebDriver does not rely on JavaScript for automation testing. It communicates with the browser directly to control it. WebDriver supports that same programming language as RC. Programming knowledge is also needed for this software. 


Selenium Grid

Selenium Grid is used with Selenium RC to run parallel tests at the same time across different machines and browsers. With this program, you can run multiple tests at the same time. This saves a ton of time in the automated testing process. 


Selenium is just one of the many softwares and programs that you will learn in our 6-month SDET course. We will help you learn how to use these programs in real settings, on real projects, allowing you to create a portfolio. 

Along with different softwares and programs, we will also help you learn soft-skills, such as communication and leadership, put together your resume, and prepare for interviews. If you are interested in a career in IT and think SDET is the job for you, be sure to enroll in this course today! Contact DevX School with any questions you may have.

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